Conversion Rate Optimisation

What is your Website Conversion Rate?

Conversion Rate Optimisation isn't a new concept with the advent of digital marketing. Sales and marketing experts have known long before websites that it is important to look for ways to increase the number of sales you get from the leads you've generated. After all, it makes no sense to spend more time, effort and money on generating more and more leads if you aren't converting many of these into sales. The same goes for online marketing.

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Website Conversion Optimisation

We always look at websites in the same way you would look at a physical store. There is no point advertising to get people into your store if they then don't buy anything off you. Similarly, there is no point using search engine optimisation to get more traffic to your website only to have them leave before filling in a form or buying something from your site. So with all our web marketing plans we include some form of conversion rate optimisation.

What is a Website Conversion?

That's a great question and the most important consideration when beginning a website strategy. What do we want visitors to do when they come to your website. If it is an online store then the obvious answer is sales. However, if your website is for a Plumber etc, then it would be an enquiry webform (or maybe a phone call).

What about Primary and Secondary Conversions?

Now we know what the conversions are we want on our website, we need to decide which are our primary and what are our secondary. Your primary conversions would generally be those that could lead directly to a sale (eg. online sale or webform). Whereas, your secondary conversion would be those that either move a website visitor along your sales funnel or help promote your website to someone else (eg. newsletter sign up or share on social media etc).

Conversion Rate Optimisation Strategies

There are many different ways you can go about improving your websites' conversion rate. Some of the main strategies we use are:

  • Split Testing
    This is where we create a second version of a web page and then send half the website visitors to each. This allows us to then track which page converted the best.
  • Heat Mapping
    Heat mapping technology allows us to see where people are clicking on your website. This obviously allows us to see if they are doing what we want them to do and we can make changes to see what happens.
  • General Analytics
    We are always looking at your website analytics to see if there are any areas of your website that convert better than others. If so, we work out why and make changes.

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