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Have You Heard About The Technology Investment Boost?

The Australian Government announced a "Technology Investment Boost" for the 2022-2023 budget. But what exactly do they mean by this? The Government's Technology Investment Boost reduces the cost of going digital, supporting businesses to invest more in their digital capability. The Technology I......

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Google My Business Spam 2021

Google My Business is Google's free map listing for business. Unbelievably, it's been around since 2004 when it was released as Google Local. Initially they got their listings from Yellow Pages to ensure they had enough to start with and then opened it up so businesses could either submit their o......

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New Domains Coming To Australia

Did you know there are new domain names coming to Australia in 2022? auDA or .au Domain Administration Limited is the organisation responsible for administering the .au domains, which until now, included: .com.auFor commercial entities with an ABN or State Government registration. .net.auFor com......

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Introducing Wave Dxp Our Digital Experience Platform

For the last 2 years we haven't just been navigating a COVID world, but we've also been developing our very own Digital Experience Platform (DXP). A DXP is a platform that allows you to build and manage a range of online tools whilst ensuring they all communicate with each other. In other words, ......

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Team Meeting And Social Distancing

Change is constant and should be embraced Probity Web Marketing made the decision last year to move our websites to a new platform. Whilst the decision to look for a new platform was forced onto us by the upcoming closure of the platform we have used from the beginning; it was a decis......

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Coronavirus And Business Success

How to survive and prosper with the Coronavirus pandemic You can't help see all the doom and gloom out there around the Coronavirus and the impact it will have on the economy. Which then leads to how are you going to ensure your business weathers the storm and comes out the other side r......

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Free Local Seo

Are you a business which provides goods or services in your local area? Do you want to be found on the internet when someone searches for your product or service in that area? And/or is it important that potential customers can easily find where your business is located using Google Maps? ......

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Do You Measure Your Digital Marketing Goals?

Marketing should be treated like an investment and you should always be looking for a Return on your Investment (ROI). Your marketing dollars should convert into sales for your business, otherwise you may as well flush your money down the drain. Just like any other investment, you invest yo......

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Best Traffic Sources For Your Website

What is the best traffic source for your website? Where should you be spending your time and money to ensure your website gets plenty of visitors? Let's look at a few different reports from some leading digital marketing sites to see if we can pick a winner. But before we do that, let's re......

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