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Are you looking for a web development company to design your Shopify eCommerce website? Don't just get a templated website when we can build you the online shop you want. Our team of web designers and developers have experience building Shopify free-standing websites or integrating them with a normal website for better SEO control.

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Shopify Website Developer

Whilst we believe that Shopify is a great eCommerce platform with most of the functionality you would ever need, sometimes you need a bit more. This is where our developers come in. We can build a specific app for your Shopify website or integrate it with another website.

Shopify Integration with WaveDXP

At Probity Web Marketing we have developed our own website platform (Digital Experience Platform) called WaveDXP to build service business websites. The reason we went down this path is that we could build it from the ground up with the functionality that we have developed over years of optimising websites for search. This includes functionality like area search and information pages built in a structure that supports SEO, as well as the latest technology for fast site loading etc. However, we made the decision that we wouldn't develop eCommerce functionality as there are so many aspects to a good online store. For this reason, we decided to partner with Shopify for eCommerce.

So if you have a service business that sells supporting products etc, then it makes a lot of sense to use Shopify for the products and integrate it with your services website. This way you get the best of both worlds which leads to greater success.

Why Shopify for eCommerce Websites?

Shopify has over 300,000 eCommerce websites using its platform which includes many successful store owners. It is growing at a phenomenal rate because it is easy to set up compared to other eCommerce platforms. Shopify also has most of the functionality you would need for an online store built into it, including discounts, inventory control, shipping, payment gateways etc. For any functionality that isn't built-in, there are apps that will most likely cover them. Otherwise, we can develop the functionality for you or integrate with a website with the required functionality.

Let us help with your Shopify Website Design

So whether you need a Shopify Web Designer or a Shopify Website Developer, we can help.

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