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Having a website is really just the start. It doesn't matter how great your web design is if nobody ever gets to see it.

Imagine if you designed and printed an amazing brochure for your business and then displayed this brochure in your office. It would do absolutely nothing to help bring people to your business and would only be seen by people that are already your clients. You need to come up with a strategy to get your brochure out in front of possible clients.

Your web design is exactly the same. Once you have your website you need to work out how to get it in front of prospects. Search Engine Optmisation is one of the ways to do this and starts with a web design that has been optimised for SEO.

Probity Web Marketing is a full solution digital marketing company that has been optimising websites for SEO since 2007. In that time we have worked out what works and implement this into our website designs.

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What should your website design include?

Does your website look great but no real thought went into how visitors will interact with your website and more importantly, convert into a possible sale? We see far too many websites that have just been built by a graphic designer to look pretty, but with no real thought into how the website will convert. In fact, the website design itself is just a small part of of your overall web strategy. You need to consider how your website is going to be found and then how website visitors will be encouraged to contact you or purchase something online.

Some of the key components/functionality your web design should have are:

  • A great looking design that ensures your business looks professional
  • Clear Call to Actions to encourage visitors to contact you about your products or services
  • Well structured website that makes it easy for Google to understand what your website is about
  • Incorporates Schema in all relevant sections to further help Google understand and rank your site
  • Analytics set up so you know exactly what your website is doing
  • An optimised website design that is responsive and fast

How our Optimised Website Design works

Probity Web Marketing has been helping small businesses with their digital marketing since 2007. During this time we've realised that a professional-looking, well-structured website is a must. We understand what works. Our process is:

  1. We'll meet with you so we understand your business fully and know what you want your website to do.
  2. Our design team will put together a design for your approval.
  3. Whilst the website is being designed, our content team will do keyword research to find out exactly what people are searching for and how the website should be structured. We will discuss this with you for your approval.
  4. The website will be built as per the agreed design and structure.
  5. If you have set service areas we'll even set up a suburb search functioanlity for each of your key services.
  6. Our content team will take your existing content and tweak it for the identified keywords.
  7. Our development team will add schema to the relevant sections of your site.
  8. We'll set up Google Analytics and Search Console and show you how to access these to find out how your website is performing.

We can even set up call tracking (for an ongoing fee) to allow you to see exactly how many enquiries your website is generating.

Our optimised website plans start at $4400 inc GST, or if you just want a straight forward website design without the optimisation our plans start at $2200. See our website design plans.

Need to know more about web design?

We have tried our best to include as much information as possible on our website, so have a look around. Or better still, why not get in contact with us to discuss your website design.

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