Digital Marketing Plans

A complete Digital Marketing Strategy

All our plans are the same, the only difference is the time we spend on your web-marketing.


$ 1090 +gst /month
  • 7.5 Credits/Month

Most popular


$ 1980 +gst /month
  • 15 Credits/Month


$ 2640 +gst /month
  • 21 Credits/Month

1 Credit = 1 hour of time spent on your businesses web marketing.
This does not include SEO Auditing, Website Design and Search Engine Marketing, which are worth 1.5 credits.

Digital Marketing Plan Inclusions

We provide an all in one solution for your online marketing needs. All plans include the following:

New Custom Website Design [1]

Modern, user-friendly and built to respond to different device widths. (Silver and Gold Plans only)

Website Hosting [2]

Reliable and lightning fast hosting on PlatformOS, ready to handle any amount of traffic.

Standard Email Accounts

Receive up to 10 basic email accounts with a unique businesses email address.

Call Tracking [3]

Your plan includes 2 tracking numbers (a mobile and 1300 or local number) as well as up to 650 minutes talk time/month.

Clear Conversion Tracking

Know exactly how much business your website is generating for you. We even calculate the cost per lead.

Manage Online Directories

We ensure your business is seen and updated on a variety on online directories.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Getting your business on the first page of google is our bread and butter.

Website Optimisation

With the release of Google Web Vitals in 2021, increasing your websites load speeds have never been more important.

Regular Website Audits

Regular audits are important to identify issues on your website and identify areas to improve.

Social Media

We can set up and manage your social media profiles on your behalf as part of your plan.

Website Management

Want an offer added to your site or a change of images etc. Updates to your site, including design tweaks, are included in your plan.

Search Engine Marketing (If Needed) [4]

We can help manage your google ads.

Social Media Marketing (If Needed) [5]

We can help manage your facebook, instagram and other important social media channels.

Email Marketing (If Needed) [6]

We can set you up on Sendgrid; one of the largest email platforms in the world.

Please Note: If there is the possibility of additional charges to your web marketing plan, we will always discuss this with you beforehand to ensure you understand the charges and are happy to proceed with them.

[1] Website only included in Silver or Gold Plans; Bronze Plans will have an additional charge for the website. If your website has an above average amount of web pages and products etc, or we need to optimise your content for identified searches, or the design and functionality is more complex than a standard website, we reserve the right to include the time taken to complete this over into your plans' hourly quota. Whilst we don't lock you into an ongoing contract, we do ask you to commit to the first 6 months to give us time to show our worth and help cover the extra work involved creating your new website..

[2] As we grow your website and add additional functionality, we may need to move it to a higher hosting plan. This extra cost will be passed on.

[3] Your plan includes 2 tracking numbers (a mobile and 1300 or local number) as well as up to 650 minutes talk time/month. As we grow your website, you will eventually need more talk time, so we will pass on the additional costs.

[4] Whilst we will manage your Adwords or other SEM platforms as part of your plan, any costs associated with these (eg. Cost per Click) are not included and will be your responsibility.

[5] Similar to Search Engine Marketing, we will manage any advertising (eg. Facebook Ads) as part of your plan, but you will be responsible for the associated costs.

[6] For Email Marketing we use one of the worlds' largest email platforms, Sendgrid. This involves an additional cost that we will pass on to you.

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