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Keep your website content up to date

There are two main reasons you should keep your website content up to date. Firstly, it's a bad look when someone visits your website and finds information that is no longer relevant. This might be something as simple as an outdated About Us page, or worse still, a product or service you no longer offer. Secondly, Google (and other search engines) love new content. If your website content hasn't changed since the website first went live 6 years ago, then Google will assume it is no longer relevant and will rank accordingly.

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What does Website Management include?

We include website management in all of our Web Marketing Plans. Basically, it means that we can do whatever is needed on your website to keep it updated and relevant. This may include:

  • Update specials each month,
  • Send out a monthly newsletter,
  • Create a new webform for a special promotion,
  • Add a new staff member,
  • Add an announcement,
  • Create new products and catalogues,
  • Add a new photo gallery.

Why use us for your Web Content Management?

One of the benefits of getting a website from Probity Web Marketing is that we build them using Adobe Business Catalyst. Adobe BC is a website content management system, which is a fancy way of saying you can easily add content to your own website without needing to know website code etc. So why would you have this system and then want us to take care of the website content for you?

The simple answer is TIME. Most small business owners are busy running their business and don't have the time to update their website, add new products, send newsletters etc. As a result, the website gets forgotten and becomes outdated. This is when it works out beneficial to hire someone like us to look after your website for you.

Did we also mention that we can do it quicker than you? That's right because we work on Adobe BC all day, we know all the tricks so can usually do things a lot quicker than you. Not to mention all the little programs we have discovered over the years that help even more (eg. Bulk Photo Resizing etc).

Our Web Marketing Plans include it all

Our Web Marketing Plans are based entirely on how many hours a month we work on your website. This makes them completely flexible and we can work on whatever your website needs or you want to be done. So apart from updating content etc for you, we can also look after:

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Frequently Asked Questions about WEBSITE MANAGEMENT

For more in depth website management information visit our Website management Information page

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