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When we decided that we were going to use the Headless CMS, PlatformOS to build our wesites with, we needed to decide what CMS we were going to use to manage them. So we worked out what we wanted and what we believed our clients wanted in a CMS and went searching. There are several companies building CMS's designed for PlatformOS and they all have something great to offer. But after trialing a few, we decided that we would be better off building our own CMS, so welcome to WaveCMS.

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What do you need in a CMS?

The primary job of a content management system is to allow you to easily add content to a website. This might be as simple as changing a price or as complex as creating new web pages and adding them to a menu. But other than that, what else do you need in a CMS?

Over the years, we've found that the majority of our clients never use the CMS on their website. The biggest reasons for this is that the CMS doesn't show the information they need in a simple, useful manner or they find it confusing sorting through all the functionality of the CMS to get to the one section that they actually need to change. Let's give 2 examples to explain what we mean.

Where do I find the Information I need?

The main purpose of a website is to convert visitors into customers or prospects. That is, either get them to buy something online or contact you about possibly buying something. Unfortunately, most CMS's don't display online sales, webforms, phone calls etc in a clear, useable way. Many of our clients have asked if there is an easy way that they can log onto the CMS and view a list of current webforms and respond to these from within the CMS, all whilst keeping track of what happened (eg. sale, quote or neither).

With WaveCMS, we have the ability to lay out your enquiries however you need them. This includes adding status updates and the ability to reply via email or SMS.

How do I change a specific section of my website?

In most cases, there are only a few sections of a website that a client needs to make regular changes to. This might be responding to website reviews or uploading the latest projects. Why do I need to dig through all the other functionality to get to what needs changing?

With WaveCMS, we can build custom CMS for any level of staff in your business. It may be that your operational staff have a login where they can upload jobs they are working on; or admin staff have a login to respond to reviews. When they login, all they see is the section they are responsible for.

WaveCMS: The flexible CMS for your business

The WaveCMS can do all the same things a normal CMS can do, however, the big difference is that we can build it to suit your needs. Need 3 different types of logins with different functionality, no worries. Ask us about what is possible with WaveCMS combined with PlatformOS.

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