About Probity Web Marketing

17 Years and counting.

We partner with Small Business Owners looking to grow,
as their effective marketing department,
giving them the confidence their sales will increase.

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We love working with Small Business Owners and helping them grow their business. We let them focus on what they are good at, while we build their online presence, and most importantly, get their website generating sales for them.

Jarrod Sweetman, Founder at Probity Web Marketing

Our History

After an early career in Hospitality Management, Jarrod Sweetman started a business as an Icon Business Advisor, helping Small Business plan for growth. During this time he realised that most of his clients needed effective websites but couldn't find anyone that he could recommend with a good solution at a reasonable price. Then when he came across “Adobe Business Catalyst”, a website management system that provided all that was missing, he decided it was time to start a second business in Website Design. So in 2007, Probity Partners (T/A Probity Web & Print) was started.

After 3 years of running Probity Web & Print, Jarrod realised that just having a website was not enough; you needed to market it. Once again he found himself struggling to find a business that he was comfortable referring to his clients. The companies he approached used complex, technical jargon and offered expensive plans that were impossible to understand. So he began researching himself and spending more and more time helping his clients optimise their Web Marketing strategies. After considerable success with several clients, he decided it was time that Probity Web & Print evolved into Probity Web Marketing and he started offering a complete solution.

In 2011 Probity Web Marketing moved to Mount Coolum on the Sunshine Coast, where we initially operated the business in a home office. However, as we grew and employed staff, a decision was made to set up offices in Coolum Beach. After 2 years in Coolum Beach we had outgrown our offices, so looked for larger premises and ended up in Mooloolaba. We are so thankful to be working in one of the best parts of the world and work with clients all over Australia.

In 2019, Adobe told us they were closing down Business Catalyst (our website platform) so we needed to look elsewhere. After reviewing the leading Website CMS's on the net, we decided that we could build a better version that allowed us to better implement the proven digital marketing strategies we have developed over the years. So we built our own content management system (CMS), called SmartyrDXP.


The Probity Web Marketing Difference

Our Values & Principles

Cultivating Long-term Relationships

Proactive and transparent communication

We value long-term relationships with our clients. On average, our clients have been with us for 7 years. We have clients that have been with us for over 15 years.
We provide monthly reports that not only show website visitors and conversions over time, but how much it costs to get that lead.
We don't want our clients staying because they're trapped. No Lock-In Contracts other than the initial 6 months; so you are free to leave at any stage. It is up to us to make you want to stay with our exceptional results and service.
We are open and honest about what to expect with digital marketing and keep you updated on how it is going. We don't bullshit you just to get your business.
Our proven strategies use best practice so that your website isn't at risk when Google changes their algorithm. In fact, every time Google makes a change, our websites generally improve.

Conversion Driven

Prioritising actions and strategies for success

We focus on growing our client sales through generating more leads. On average, we have grown our client website conversions from 6 to 161 per month. This is an average growth of at least 2500% from when they started with us.
All digital marketing plans include call tracking numbers and we set up tracking for phone calls, web forms, live chats and sales. This allows us to know what strategies convert.
All plans include a website built on our own website platform (SmartyrDXP). This uses the latest technology, and proven design and structure to optimise results.
We seek to fully understand your business and what is important to you. Our team knows what is a good conversion and focus on growing them.

Continuous Measurement and Review

Optimising processes for better results

We use multiple platforms to give us a complete view of how your digital marketing strategy is going and continually look for ways to improve our processes to get you better results.
Digital marketing is a dynamic and changing industry. For this reason, our staff spend 1 hour a day on self development to ensure they are up to date with the latest strategies as well as identifying new technologies to make a difference.
We do regular audits of all our client sites to identify areas that need improving and looking for opportunities we haven't yet realised.

Other Reasons to Use Us

We have been providing digital marketing to small business for over 17 years. This experience allows us to know what works and what doesn't. Our strategies are tried and proven.
We are a full service digital marketing business. This means we can help with all your online strategies, including web development, search engine optimisation, adwords, social media, email marketing, marketing automation and more.
Our plans are simple and easy to understand. There are no surprises and in most cases you pay the one price for everything you need.
All of our digital marketing strategies are completed inhouse at our office in Mooloolaba on the Queensland Sunshine Coast. We don't outsource any work, meaning we are in complete control of your marketing.
We build Authority Websites with our proven strategies. This means websites that Google believe are the best for a specific topic. These websites deliver a consistent result and continue to grow indefinitely.

Meet the Digital Marketing team

We are a team of passionate digital marketing professionals located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

  • Jarrod Sweetman - Director

    Jarrod Sweetman

    Founder / Director

  • Alice Sweetman - Content

    Alice Sweetman

    Co-Founder / Content

  • Andrew McGahan

    Lead Developer

  • Pooja Bharadwaj


  • Peter Bekkers

    Web Design/Development

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