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If you have a business then you know you should have a website; and if you have a website, then you know you should be doing search engine optimisation. After all, what is the point in having a great-looking website if no one can find it to see it? Sure you can just run ads (eg. Adwords, Facebook Ads, etc) and push people to your website, but this will always cost you more in the long run. Search engine optimisation is an integral part of any digital marketing solution and by far the best medium to long-term strategy. The problem is, what SEO agency should you use?

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What happens if you have the wrong SEO Company Australia?

I'm sure you've heard stories of businesses that have hired an SEO company with less than stellar results. Or maybe you're one of these business owners. The most common horror stories we hear about SEO Agencies are:

  • Got locked into a contract that was hard to get out of and never saw any results.
  • Paid a high monthly amount and never saw any changes on their website.
  • Used a large SEO agency and couldn't talk to the person doing the actual work. Their contact person kept changing.
  • Whenever they tried to find out what was happening they got bamboozled with buzz words.
  • The SEO agency claimed to be Australian but all work was outsourced overseas.

You get the overall gist. We have a lot of clients who have come to us after wasting thousands of dollars on SEO services for very little results. Worse still, we've had clients come to us after their website had been penalised by Google for dodgy search engine optimisation practices.

SEO Packages Australia

SEO packages are another area you need to be careful with. Google (and other Search Engines) are continually changing their algorithm for how they rank websites; so it stands to reason that your SEO services should change to reflect this. In other words, search engine optimisation is a dynamic process that is continually being tweaked and changed to get best results; or it should be if you truly are SEO specialists. So if an SEO company is offering SEO packages with a set list of actions they will take each month (eg. x number of links, x number of blogs, x number of service pages etc) you should immediately be concerned.

At Probity Web Marketing we have been specialising in SEO for over 10 years and in that time have continually developed and tested various SEO strategies. For this reason, we don't restrict ourselves to a set list of tasks each month as we know this will change and we need to be continually reviewing what strategies will work best. If you view our SEO Packages you'll see that they only differ by how much time and work (credits) we will devote to your seo services.

What to look for in a SEO Agency Australia

So how do you find an SEO company that you can trust? What sort of things should you consider?

  • Do they lock you into a contract or can you leave if you don't see results?
  • What is their SEO process? Do they focus on onsite or offsite SEO? Do they do dodgy link building?
  • Do they focus on keyword ranking or website conversions?
  • Are their SEO services completed in Australia or outsourced overseas? Do you just talk to a salesperson and not the person responsible for your SEO?
  • What type of monthly report do they have? Does their report show how your website has performed over time and what your ROI is, or just a list of keywords and some confusing stats?
  • Can they show you results from other clients on an industry-standard analytics platform like Google Analytics?

Why you can trust us for your SEO services

Probity Web Marketing are SEO specialists and have been helping small businesses get results from the internet since 2010. In fact, most of our first clients are still with us 10 years later. We don't lock our clients into a contract (after the first 6 months), so it is up to us to continue showing the value we are providing our clients. Our monthly report not only shows the trend for website visitors and conversions (webforms, phone calls, and sales) your site has had since we started working on it, but we even calculate the cost per conversion.

Our SEO services focus primarily on onsite optimisation as opposed to offsite (link building). This means that we use our keyword research to build content on your site to target relevant keyword searches. This is considered best practice by Google and other search engines and we have proven it works. The main advantage of this strategy, aside from it works, is that you can see what we have been doing and you know your website will continue to grow into the future without the risk of being penalised for spammy linkbuilding strategies.

Probity Web Marketing has SEO experts, web designers and developers, and content creators as part of our digital marketing team to oversee your search engine optimisation strategies. All our staff work from our Sunshine Coast office and we have clients throughout Australia.

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SO is SEO all you need?

In a word NO. Search Engine Optimisation should be one part of your overall Digital Marketing Strategy. You should also be working on your website optimisation to ensure that you convert as much of the traffic (visitors) that comes to your site. You can also consider Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing and anything else that might increase your online leads and sales.

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