Digital Marketing Strategy - Clickthrough Rate

What is your Click Thru Rate?

So your website has been found on the Internet through your good use of Adwords, Search Engine Optimisation and Online Directories, but how many of these people then clickthrough to visit your website?

Your clickthrough rate is the percentage of people seeing your web address on the internet (called impressions) that click through to visit your website.

Just because someone has found your website, doesn't mean that they will automatically click through to look at it. They may search for your product or service in Google and then ignore your listing and click on your competitors' listing. So why would you put all your energies into getting found on the Internet, only to lose potential visitors at the next stage?

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How do you improve your Clickthrough Rate?

There are several ways to improve clickthrough rate, but the more obvious one is to make your listing stand out from the rest. When we say listing, this could be your listing on an online directory (eg. Google My Business), organic search results or Adwords. All these things are in your control and there are different ways to make them stand out. But importantly, understand that this is an ongoing process and you should always be testing different headlines, descriptions, images etc to see which ones work best.

Another way to improve your clickthrough rate is to get your listing higher up the list. It is a fact that the higher you rank in Google for a specific search, the more people will click on your listing. Now we could argue that this is more about getting found (website traffic), but we believe it is a bit of both.

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What comes after Clickthrough Rate?

Now we've got plenty of website traffic and a great clickthrough rate, how can we possibly fail? This is where your bounce rate comes into play.

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