The Web Marketing Process - Stage 2:

What is your Click Thru Rate?What is your Click thru Rate?

So your website details have been found on the Internet through your good use of Adwords, Search Engine Optimisation and Online Directories, but how many of these people then click thru to visit your website?

Your click thru rate is the percentage of people viewing your web details on the internet (what we call impressions) that then click thru to visit your website. Just because someone has found your website, doesn't mean that they will automatically click thru to look at it. They may search for your product or service in Google and then ignore your listing and click onto your competitors. 

So why would you put all your energies into getting found on the Internet, only to lose potential visitors at the next stage?

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How do you get more people to click thru?

A common answer to this is to improve your ranking in Google. After all, research shows that the higher you are in Google Rankings, the more people will visit your website. But this is improving your traffic, not your click thru rate.

So what's the difference, as long as I get more visitors to my website?

Good question. The answer is that they are both as important as each other. Yes it is important to rank higher in Google so that more people see your listings, meaning more people will click thru to visit your website. But this can be easier said than done in many competitive industries. You can always get to number 1, but it may take a lot of time and money. You see, search engine optimisation relies very much on what your competitors are doing. 

Whilst improving your click thru rate by improving what your listings say, is pretty much all in your control. It can be done easily and without much cost in time and money. So whilst your ranking hasn't changed, suddenly you find more people clicking thru to visit your website.

Now imagine if you improved your ranking and your click thru rate?

Now we've got the best of both worlds. How can we possibly fail? This is where stage 3 - "The Bounce Rate" comes into play.

What web marketing services do we offer to help with Click thru rate?

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