What is Digital Marketing

So you've been told that you should be doing digital marketing for your business but don't really know what it means. Does it just mean having a website, or is there more to it than that?

Digital Marketing is the marketing of your business's products or services using the internet. It covers a wide range of strategies that are all online.
Digital Marketing can also be referred to as Online Marketing or Internet Marketing.

What are the different types of Digital Marketing?

There are a lot of different digital marketing strategies that all have different purposes and can all work well when used in combination with each other.

Website Design

Whilst you don't need to have a website for digital marketing, we believe it should always be your starting point. A website should be considered as your main online asset and integrated into your other digital marketing strategies.

We won't get into too much detail about what makes a good website design, but it should be designed and built with a focus on the user experience and how to lead visitors to do what your website was designed for (eg. calls, webforms, sales etc).

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Search Engine Optimisation

This is where you work on getting your website ranking for the search terms your possible customers use when looking for the products and services your business offers. You are aiming to get your site ranking at the top of the organic search engine results, just below the paid results (more on this later), Good SEO should be an integral part of any digital marketing plan as over time it builds and generates more and more leads/sales at a lower cost.

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Search Engine Marketing

This is similar to SEO, but you pay to rank. The main form of SEM is Adwords, where you choose what keywords you want to target and then pay every time someone clicks on your advert. These adverts are shown at the top and bottom of search pages. This gives you a lot of control and can guarantee you're at the top of the page (if you're prepared to pay), but ca be expensive if not managed correctly.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is where you send out emails (newsletters etc) to a database of customers or prospects. Before you can send out emails you obviously need to first build a database of contacts to send to. This is generally a list of your customers and people who have contacted you about your products or services; but there are other ways of getting contact details to add to your database.

Text/SMS Marketing

This is the same as email marketing, but instead of using emails to communicate you use text messages. These are really good for time sensitive messaging and if used correctly can convert well.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is setting up systems where you automatically contact prospects throughout the sales process to encourage them to take the next step. As a general rule this is using either email or SMS. A simple example of this, is having follow up emails sent out at set time frames after someone has filled in a web enquiry. These emails will obviously express why your products and services are so good and why they should use you.

Social Media

This includes both setting up profiles and building your followers, or using the social platform to advertise your products or services on. Social media is a great way to build social proof, so even if you're not generating leads and sales your helping to convert these from other channels.

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Online Directories

There are thousands of online directories on the internet; some paid and some free. As part of a digital marketing strategy you should find the ones that are relevant to your business or industry and set up profiles on them.

Other forms of Digital Marketing

The above are what we believe are the main forms of digital marketing you should consider for a small business. Below are some others that you may find mentioned in your travels.

  • Content Marketing - we belive this is part of SEO
  • Affiliate Marketing - where you pay for sales etc from other onine marketers
  • Influencer Marketing - I think we all know this one
  •  Video Marketing - building viral videos etc to get your business noticed
  • Audio/Podcast Marketing - as above but with audio

So there you have it, what digital marketing is and the different strategies you may use.


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