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Are you confused about what digital marketing is? You keep hearing about digital marketing and how every business should have a digital marketing strategy, but where do you start? Before you start thinking about SEO, Adwords, Social Media etc, you first need to take a step back and consider the overall strategy and the stages you need to consider. Let us introduce what we call the Digital Marketing Funnel.

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The Digital Marketing Funnel

The digital marketing funnel is different to the marketing funnel. Whereas the marketing funnel shows the overall journey prospective customers take to making a purchase, the digital marketing funnel shows the stages you need to consider when developing a digital marketing strategy.

Why a funnel I hear you ask? Because much like the marketing funnel, the digital marketing funnel suggests that you start with a set number of prospects and lose some at each stage of the funnel. The idea is to maximise the number of prospects you keep at each stage. There is no point focusing on getting found by as many people as possible, only to lose them as soon as they get to your website or other digital asset.

Digital Marketing Funnel
Digital Marketing Strategy - The Funnel

The 5 Stages of Digital Marketing Strategy

  1. How will you get found? How will prospects first hear about your business' products or services?
  2. How many will click through? Is your message compelling enough that a prospect will click through?
  3. How many will leave your website (or other digital asset) without doing anything? Does your website grab their attention?
  4. How many will convert to a customer? How do you get them to fill in a webform, start a chat or call you?
  5. How many customers will come back to your business? How do you encourage repeat customers?

These are the 5 stages or areas you need to consider when developing your digital marketing strategy. Too many businesses, and digital marketing agencies, put all their focus into getting found. One of the most common examples are businesses running expensive Adwords campaigns that point to websites that look ordinary, have no relevant landing pages and have no clear "calls to action" to encourage visitors to convert. Your Adwords campaign is just part of your overall digital marketing strategy.

Before we get into more detail about the various stages of the digital marketing funnel, let's discuss your website.

How important is a website for an effective digital marketing strategy?

At Probity Web Marketing, we believe that a professional and functional website should be the starting point of any digital marketing strategy. Sure their are other digital assets that you can use to convert prospects to customers, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Online Directories, Display Ads etc, but these all have something in common; you don't have complete control over them. You own your website, which means you have complete control over how it looks and works. There have been many examples over the years where other digital assets have changed the way they work to the detriment of the business. Some have even closed down.

So before you get too far into developing your digital marketing strategy, make sure you've got a professional and functional website design that you have control over.

How will you get found?

This is the first stage of the Digital Marketing Funnel. Read our next page on getting found.

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