Published: January 15, 2016 Last Updated: February 09, 2022

Social Media Platforms In Australia

Social Media Platforms in Australia

What are the biggest Social Media Platforms in Australia? Do you only really need to worry about Facebook? What about Instagram; I hear more and more about it? Let's look at the stats for the different platforms in Australia.

Hootsuite is a Social Media Management platform. Recently they posted a blog on the usage of social media within Australia; here are the key points:

Social Media Usage Stats

These stats show the approximate percentage of the Australian population (14 years and over) that use the different platforms.

  1. Facebook - 66%
  2. Youtube - 60%
  3. Instagram - 25%
  4. Tumblr - 23%
  5. LinkedIn - 18%
  6. Twitter - 14%
  7. Pinterest - 2%
  8. Reddit - 1%

Now the usage stats for Australian businesses. Figures show that only around 30% of Australian SMEs have an active social media presence. These business with an active presence use the following platforms.

  1. Facebook - 93%
  2. LinkedIn - 28%
  3. Instagram - 26%
  4. Google+ - 23%
  5. Pinterest - 17%
  6. Twitter - 17%

What does it all mean?

The biggest takeaway from this is the gap between business and consumer usage of social media. As stated above, only around 30% of Australian SMEs use social media, yet 68% of consumers do. One of the important aspects of a successful marketing strategy is to do your marketing where your customers are; after all there is no point having great marketing if your potential customers never see it. So this means that many Australian businesses are not doing a very good job with their marketing strategy.

Whilst these stats are great for showing here the majority of people are spending their time on social media, it doesn't give the full picture when deciding where to spend your time. Each platform appeals to a different demographic. The most obvious differences is Facebook is very much personal use as opposed to LinkedIn being professional. Pinterest and Intagram are aimed at photos and Youtube at Videos. So before deciding what platform you should have your business on, work out which one has the best match of users to your customers.

You can read the Hootsuite post here:

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