Published: June 05, 2020 Last Updated: February 09, 2022

Team Meeting And Social Distancing

Team Meeting and Social Distancing

Change is constant and should be embraced

Probity Web Marketing made the decision last year to move our websites to a new platform. Whilst the decision to look for a new platform was forced onto us by the upcoming closure of the platform we have used from the beginning; it was a decision that we've considered and never acted on over the years. Whilst we've been happy with Adobe Business Catalyst, we often wondered if there was something better out there. So the BC closure only forced us to take action, and we're glad we did.

The new platform we are using is called PlatformOS and is a powerful headless CMS . We are currently developing a CMS (Content Management System) to work with this and to talk ourselves up, it's awesome and will keep getting better. But we'll go into more detail about this another time.

With the extra workload of developing our own CMS as well as having to move the existing websites across, we grew our team to the point we couldn't comfortably fit in our Coolum premises. So we made the decision to move to much larger premises in Mooloolaba. These offices will be large enough for us to continue developing and growing for many years as well as give us the room to embrace continual improvement (great training room and workspaces).

And along came COVID

No sooner had we signed the lease on the new premises and the COVID shutdown hit. So suddenly we had these great big workspaces and the staff started working from home. Like most businesses, we have found this time challenging and had to stand down several of our casual staff. We have also had to adapt to remote working strategies and whilst these work well, I believe we suffer from not having the impromptu discussions on how we do things and what we can do for a specific client website.

So with the new platform and all the possibilities it opens up, we decided now was a good time to discuss how we can implement our overall digital marketing strategies into our website designs and structure better.

Marketing Funnels and Digtial Marketing

We believe the quote "what's old is new again", is very apt when it comes to digital marketing. Whilst the way we do things has definitely changed, many of the marketing principles that have been around long before the internet was a thing are still valid today. One of these is the marketing funnel; or more specifically, AIDA. You can read more about the marketing funnel and how it works here .

So last week the team got together in our new boardroom and discussed the marketing funnel and how we can best incorporate the principles into what we do. Of course, we practised social distancing and the liberal application of hand sanitiser.

Overall it was a great day and we're excited about how we will build our sites moving forward. So keep an eye out for some subtle changes on design and how we will guide the website visitor (prospect) on their journey from the top of the funnel to the bottom and conversion. We're also looking at other digital marketing strategies to complement our primary focus on search engine optimisation. So stay tuned.

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