The Web Marketing Process - Stage 4:

What is your Goal Success?What is your Goal Success?

Whilst we have put this as stage 4 (in order of client interaction), it is actually where you the business owner should start when looking at your web marketing plan. What exactly are you trying to achieve with your internet marketing strategy?

Once you've decided, doesn't it make sense to measure your success (or failure)?

What are some examples of website goals?

  • Fill in a web form requesting your service
  • Buy a product online
  • Join your mailing list
  • Download an eBook or Brochure
  • Call your displayed phone number etc.

How do I improve my Goal Success?

Firstly, you must set up some form of tracking so that you can measure your conversion rate. One of my favourite sayings is: "what gets measured, gets done". How do you improve something if you don't know whether your changes are working? it would be like an Olympic Runner not timing himself when he trains.

Goal success is not just the end result of getting the first 3 stages of web marketing right. Whilst these stages definitely improve your overall goal success, you also need to look at ways to improve conversion once you have someone on your site. The obvious way to do this is to have clear "call to actions" telling the visitor exactly what you want them to do. It's no use keeping your website goals a secret from your potential customer.

Once again, in many cases we can set up split testing to work out exactly what layout works best at converting a visitor into a customer.

So I've completed the 4 stages, now what?

As the Internet is continually developing, then so to must your web marketing plan. That means that you can never stop working on all 4 stages. You may not have to devote as many resources to it, but you will always need to keep working at it.

But isn't that just life?

What web marketing services do we offer to help increase your goal success?

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