Digital Marketing Strategy - Customer Retention

What is Customer Retention?

After you've spent all that time, effort and money getting a stream of new customers, doesn't it make sense to try and keep them? How do you get them to purchase off you again? As a general rule, your repeat customers and referrals should account for around 80% of your sales; so do you have strategies in place to encourage this?

Customer Retention is working out how to keep your customers and encourage them to buy from you again.

Customer retention is generally the most cost effective way to generate sales. Someone who has already bought from you is a lot more likely to buy from you again as you've built a level of trust.

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How do you maximise Customer Retention?

In a nutshell, you communicate with them. Most businesses never follow up with their customers after a sale. If you're product or service is purchased regularly, then your customers will naturally be back in contact with you regularly, so you will by default, be communicating with them. But if your product or service is purchased infrequently, there is every chance that your customers will go back through the same process they went through when they first became your customer. Except this time, they may go with another business.

A marketing truism is that if you aren't in front of your customers every 3 months, they are liable to forget about you. So by simply communicating with your customers every 3 months, you increase the chance of them coming back to you for the next purchase.

What about Customer Referrals?

Customer referrals are closely aligned with customer retention. After all, if a customer remembers you and expects to buy from you again, who are they going to refer when someone asks about the products or services you sell?

Likewise, if you encourage your customers to leave reviews about your business, you'll be generating referrals automatically from these.

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