Digital Marketing Strategy - Bounce Rate

What is your Bounce Rate?

Imagine your potential customer has found your website, then clicked through to look at it, but after a quick glance decide to hit the back button and look at the next business listing. They have just bounced off your website! So you've wasted all that time and money getting them to your website only to lose them when they get there.

Your bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to your website that leave without clicking any links.

Bounce rate is a good indicator that you have not engaged your website visitor enough that they want to look around your website. They've come to your website for a specific purpose and at first glance don't believe that your website will be able to help them.

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Why do visitors bounce off your site?

There are many different reasons why your website may have a high bounce rate, but the main ones are:

  • Your website looks dated and unprofessional. Many people will look at a poor website and think "if the website looks like this how good is the business?".
  • The website looks confusing. If someone comes onto a website and can't work out where to look or how to navigate, they'll leave.
  • The website doesn't clearly answer what the visitor was looking for when they found your website.

How to improve your Bounce Rate

Before you can improve your bounce rate, you first need to understand why people are bouncing from your website. This is generally achieved using heat mapping and session recording to see what visitors are doing on your website before the bounce. Once you understand what is happening you can do one or all of the following:

  • Redesign your website so it looks professional with clear user experience
  • Create pages for specific search topics so visitors come to relevant pages and not just a "one page fits all" or Home page
  • Include clear information with compelling reasons for visitors to look around your website

When is a high Bounce Rate okay?

Let's imagine a scenario where someone is searching for a Plumber in Hornsby. They click a link that takes them to a page that is clearly for a Plumber that services Hornsby with an obvious phone number. They call the number and leave the website. This could rate as a bounce, but is obviously a great outcome for the business.

So always look at Bounce Rate in context.

Our Digital Marketing Services to help your Bounce Rate?

So we've improved our Bounce Rate, what now?

So your website is found, your click through rate is good and your bounce rate is low, what more could there be? Let's work out how we can improve our conversion rate.

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