The Web Marketing Process - Stage 3:

What is your bounce rate?What is your Bounce Rate?

Imagine your potential customer has found your website, then clicked thru to look at it, but after a quick glance decide to hit the back button and look at the next business listing. They have just bounced off your website! So you have wasted all that time and money getting them to your website only to lose them when they get there.

Your bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to your website that leave without clicking on any links. It is generally a good indicator that you have not engaged them enough to look around your website and to fill in a web form or similar.

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Would you pay for a radio ad and then not answer the phone?

Yet this is exactly what a lot of businesses do with their web marketing strategies. They decide that they should be using pay per click (adwords) to promote their website, but pay no attention to improving their bounce rate. So all this new traffic that they paid for is lost because of a substandard website or landing page.

How do we measure the bounce rate?

We generally look at overall bounce rate of a website to see if the design and layout are engaging to the visitor. If the bounce rate is high then we need to look at a new website design and layout.

Next we look at the bounce rate on individual landing pages to see if the content is letting us down. This could be the headline, body or call to actions. Then it's a simple matter of improving what we identify the problem is and testing and measuring until we get the best combination. In many cases, we may even set up split testing to see which content works best. After all, no-one knows better what your visitors like than your visitors.

So your website is found, your click thru rate is good and your bounce rate is low, what more could there be?

Welcome to stage 4 - what is your Goal Success?

What web marketing services do we offer that help your bounce rate?

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