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Are you a small business and do you have a website? Is your website being found by potential customers and are they contacting you about your products and services? If you're like most small businesses, then the answer is most likely NO. Having a website with no SEO is a waste of money; unless you are driving visitors to your site some other way (eg. Adwords, offline advertising etc). We understand that small business needs to get a return on any money they spend on marketing, which is why our SEO services focus on conversions (leads and sales) and not page rank.

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Small Business SEO Services

Whilst big business can justify spending money on branding and just getting their business name out in the marketplace, small business need results. Whilst keyword ranking is an important part of small business SEO, it is purely a means to an end. The main focus should be on what conversions you need from your website and how to maximise these.

What are conversions?

For the majority of small business websites, there are 2 main types of conversions we care about:

  • Leads - webforms, phone calls and chat messages
  • Sales - online sales with an eCommerce site or job bookings

At Probity Web Marketing our small business seo services include tracking all conversions. Our SEO packages include call tracking for phone calls and we use Google Analytics to track webforms, chat messages and sales. Our monthly reporting, not only shows how your website is going overall, but we also show how many conversions it generated and what it cost you per conversion.

Best SEO companies for small business

It can be confusing working your way through all the SEO companies out there looking for one to trust your business SEO services to. You need to look for an SEO company that has been getting results for small business over many years and not one with lots of promises but no proof. At Probity Web Marketing, we have been providing SEO services to small business since 2010. In fact, we still look after the SEO services of out first client.

Why use us for your small business SEO services

  • We are a local Australian digital marketing business based on the Sunshine Coast, QLD.
  • We don't outsource, all our staff work from our Australian office.
  • We have been building websites since 2007 and providing SEO services since 2010.
  • We are a full service digital marketing company, so can handle it all for you.
  • We aim for long term working relationships with all out clients. We still work with the first few clients we got back in 2010.
  • We understand small business and all our SEO packages aim at generating leads and sales for our clients.
  • We don't lock you into contracts, so the onus is on us to provide results.

Affordable SEO services for small business

Whilst there are a lot of cheap SEO packages out there, remember that like most things, you get what you pay for. These cheap SEO packages don't really do much for you, so in fact, they end up costing your business. We believe that an affordable SEO service is one where you get results and your cost per lead/sale is low enough that your business makes money from them. After all, if you make money from every lead you generate, wouldn't you be happy to pay as much as you can afford to get more of these?

Probity Web Marketing have Digital Marketing Plans starting at $990 inc GST. Our plans include all the main services you need (eg. website hosting, call tracking etc) so you have no hidden surprises for your budget. See our search engine optimisation plans.

Business SEO services Australia wide

Whilst we are based in Mooloolaba on the lovely Sunshine Coast, we provide SEO services Australia wide and have clients in most of the major cities. We embrace the online world, so have a range of online tools that allow us to provide you the same level of service no matter where you are. Some of the areas we have clients and provide SEO services are:

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