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Do you know what SEO is and how it works? We find that the majority of business owners have heard of it, but don't really know what it is. Unfortunately, this allows many unscrupulous SEO agencies to take advantage of this and sign you to plans that don't really provide the seo services you need. You then pay for these seo services for the contracted term, only to find that your website isn't perfroming any better. So let us take you through the various SEO services and what they mean so you have a better understanding.

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Types of SEO Services

SEO isn't just adding a few links or writing a few blog posts. A good SEO strategy includes a variety of different SEO services.

Keyword Research

We would argue that the first seo service a good seo strategy should implement is keyword research. Keyword research is where we use various tools to see exactly what searches people are making related to your products or services and how many searches for these a month (search volume). This allows us to group similar keywords together into search topics and guides us in creating the overall structure of your website and deciding what pages should be written.

Competitor Analysis

This is a variation of keyword research and is a good way to see what your competitors are targeting and how they are achieving this.

Content Creation

Using our keyword research, we look at keyword topics with enough search volume to justify a page and go ahead and write that page. This may be a normal website page, a blog post, an information page etc. If you don't have a page written around a particular search topic, Google won't index you for that topic as they don't know it is relevant. To state the obvious, if you aren't indexed in Google for a search topic you won't get any visitors for that search.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is where we make sure all the behind the scene tasks are completed. This includes things like breadcrumbs, title tags on all links and images, relevant schema and ensuring your website loads fast and looks correct.

SEO Audits

Google is continually changing the way they read and rank websites and as a website gets older it is normal to restructure the website etc. This often leads to broken links, poorly ranked pages and incorrect schema. An SEO Audit is going through your website identifying any errors or issues and looking for pages that aren't performing as well as they should. An SEO Audit is something that should be performed regularly, especially as a website gets older and bigger.

Local SEO

Local SEO is getting your business to rank when someone searches for a product or service in their local area. This may be your website or could be an online directory like your Google Business Profile. It involves building a local presence on the internet through directories as well as pages on your website.

Link Building

This is an SEO service that a lot of SEO Companies only do. There is the right way to do link building and a wrong way. Unfortunately, the majority of SEO Agencies do the wrong way as it is far easier. The wrong way includes spamming comments on various websites and posting blog posts (that have been tweaked to have 10+ versions of the same post) on spammy sites. We believe that link building should happen naturally when people share your website content because it is well written and useful. The good news is, Google thinks the same thing.

User Experience (UX) Design

Whilst this service may generally be considered part of website design or website optimisation, it is also a very important part of good SEO. After all, there is no point getting your website ranked with SEO and sending lots of traffic to it, only for them to leave straight away due to a frustrating website experience. UX Design is looking at how people interact with your website and ensuring it is as straightforward as possible for them to get what they want.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

CRO is optimising your website to ensure as many visitors as possible convert. You start by working out what a conversion means to you (eg. webform, phone call, signup or sale) and then making this obvious to any website visitor. You can then test to see if variations to your "call to actions" make a difference. Similar to UX Design, it generally falls under website optimisation, but is an important seo service as well.

SEO Services Plans

Probity Web Marketing have Digital Marketing Plans starting at $990 plus GST and we have over 10 years experience developing SEO services that work; not to mention we have a range of SEO Tools to help us deliver the best results. See our search engine optimisation plans.

SEO Services Australia Wide

Whilst we are based on the Sunshine Coast, we provide SEO services to businesses Australia wide. With the use of online tools, such as Google Meetings etc, we can provide the same service no matter where you are in Australia, Some of the areas we have clients and provide SEO services are:

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