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Understanding SEO Pricing

Looking for search engine optimisation and wondering how much you'll need to budget? Looking for SEO can be extremely confusing; first you need to understand that you need SEO and exactly what it is, then you need to know how much it will cost and lastly decide on an SEO company that will deliver the best results. Let's focus on how SEO pricing works and you can read through the website for the rest.

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Types of SEO Packages

There are lots of different types of SEO plans out there. Some SEO companies charge you for specific tasks, some for time spent on your SEO and some for a specific result. Let's work through each of these.

SEO pricing by tasks

This type of pricing is probably one of the more common strategies with SEO companies. They'll generally have SEO packages that vary depending on how many blog posts and links etc are built each month. At least with these types of SEO plans you know what you are paying for, but the downside is that they are doing the same tasks each month. Great SEO requires continual auditing of your results and changing focus to the areas that need attention, like updating a call to action or rewriting an underperforming page etc.

SEO pricing by time worked

We believe this is the best type of pricing, as you're paying for what you get and it allows the SEO company to focus on the areas that will bring the most benefit to your website. This could be creating new content, rewriting old content, fixing technical issues, tweaking design and call to actions etc.

SEO pricing by results

We believe this is the worst way to price an SEO plan. These SEO companies generally price their plans by how many keywords you choose and guarantee they will get them to number 1 in Google. Now if they actually did this, then it would be a great SEO plan, but generally it's not that straightforward. Before we discuss the tricks they use, let's quote direct from Google.

No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google. Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a "special relationship" with Google, or advertise a "priority submit" to Google.

Read what Google says about choosing an SEO.

Now about those tricks. The main trick these SEO agencies use are to guide you towards choosing keywords that aren't competitive and don't really convert. One of our favourites is where they get you to rank for your business name. The whole point of SEO is to get your business name out there in front of people when they are looking for the products or services your business sells. Not to mention, keyword ranking is important, but can be a vanity metric and your focus should be on conversions.

SEO Packages

So what should you pay for SEO packages? We believe that whatever you pay for an SEO package, you need to be able to justify the expense. SEO, like any form of marketing, should be viewed as an investment where you expect a return on money spent. This means you need to know how many leads and sales your website generated and what the costs where in generating these. If these generate enough revenue/profit to cover the costs then it's worth continuing. So if an SEO plan doesn't include tracking your conversions fully (sales, webforms, chats, calls etc), you'll never know if the price is justified.

Probity Web Marketing include conversion tracking in all our SEO plans. This includes tracking sales, webforms, phone calls (call tracking numbers included) etc and we even calculate the cost per lead or per dollar generated. We have SEO Plans starting at at $990 inc GST and have over 10 years experience developing SEO strategies that work. See our SEO Packages.

SEO Packages Australia Wide

Whilst we may be based in Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast, we provide SEO packages to businesses throughout Australia. Using online tools such as Google Meet, we can provide the same level of service and results no matter where your business is in Australia. Some of the areas we have clients and provide SEO plans to are:

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