Fallon Solutions


Fallon Solutions is one of our first ever digital marketing clients. We started with them way back at the beginning of 2010 and have been helping them maximise their web marketing results since. During this time we have overseen 3 different website designs and a change in services offered. We have grown their website enquiries (webforms and calls) from under 50/month to well over 2500. This works out at under $1 per enquiry. What other form of marketing can get you leads at that price?

Client Profile

Fallon Solutions is a trade services business based in Brisbane. They provide Electrical, Plumbing, Air Conditioning, Carpentry and several other services throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. They have over 100 employees and 50 vehicles. As you can imagine, marketing is an important part of their operation to ensure that there is enough work bought in every week to keep everyone busy.

Initial Client Issues:

  • Client had been using Adwords for a while, but not happy with the conversion rate. Their Adwords company blamed the website
  • Their website was a few years old and looking tired. They couldn't update it and had to go to Web Designer for any changes
  • Not doing as well as they wanted in Natural Search (Google etc)

Initial Client Needs:

  • A professional looking website that they could update if they wanted. Must be easily optimised to increase Natural Search
  • Improve organic search results as well as conversions on the site itself
  • Wanted to start sending out electronic emails to their large client database, as well as allowing prospects to sign up
  • Liked the ability to easily publish Handy Hints and Announcements

Our Solution

We started Fallon Solutions on our Gold Web Marketing Plan. This included:

  • Designing and building a professional looking website using the Adobe Business Catalyst platform. This is a dynamic platform that allows the client to easily update their own website
  • Included the eMarketing Module for Newsletters
  • Set up a Blog for Handy Hints and an Announcement Module to easily publish current news etc
  • Identified what keywords they needed to rank for and optimised the site for these
  • Tweaked the website design to maximise conversions
  • Regular Website Audits to identify areas for improvement and opportunities

Mark Denning - CEO of Fallon Solutions

Fallon Services has had a website for many years now that seemed to just tick over. With the growth of the Internet and the increasing cost of Yellow Pages and other marketing channels, a decision was made to start focussing on increasing our lead generation with the website. Our first attempt at this was with an Adwords company. This successfully drove traffic to our website, but we weren't happy with the conversion of this traffic to sales. When this was discussed with our Adwords Company, they blamed our old, tired website. At about this time, Jarrod at Probity Web marketing was referred to me. At our first meeting, I was confident that Jarrod knew what he was talking about, so got him started on building us a new website. This had an immediate effect to the number of webforms completed on our site. He then started an Optimisation Program that we have been continuing with for over 12 months now. This has had great results and we are getting more and more leads from our website. In fact, it is now our number one source of leads (after repeat business) and at a lower cost of acquisition to the others. I find Jarrod not only knowledgeable, but also extremely helpful. During this time, he has not only optimised our site, but has also made any changes to the site that we have requested. I have no hesitation recommending him to other businesses that are serious about growing their Internet Marketing.

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