First Call Electrical

1st Call Electrical were referred to us in June 2016. They really wanted to grow their electrical business, but felt their website wasn't really doing anything for them. The website was getting just over 100 visitors a month and these weren't really converting into enquiries. When we started, the website was only indexed for 28 keywords and only 4 of these were on the first page of Google. So initially it was all about getting the website indexed for targeted keywords and get these ranking on the front page. Once this led to website visitors, we looked at maximising the number of these that converted to a lead. They are now getting well over 100 enquiries a month. We have also set up Adwords Campaigns that they turn off and on whenever they need more work.

Client Profile

1st Call Electrical is an electrical business based in South Melbourne. They offer all the usual electrical services as well as air conditioning.

Initial Client Issues:

  • Client had a website that wasn't really performing.
  • Their website was only indexed in Google for 28 keywords, of which only 4 were on the first page.

Initial Client Needs:

  • Generate enquiries from their website through organic search
  • Look at setting up Adwords campaigns to supplement the organic search with the ability to turn off and on as required
  • A Web Marketing Company that knew what they were doing, could be trusted and made the process hassle free

Our Solution

We started 1st Call Electrical on our Bronze Web Marketing Plan. This included:

  • Designing and building a professional looking website using our own WaveDXP built on PlatformOS.
  • Identified what keywords they needed to rank for and optimised the site for these
  • Tweaked the website design to maximise conversions
  • Set up Adwords Campaigns
  • Regular Website Audits to identify areas for improvement and opportunities

Rowan Diamond - 1st Call Electrical Services

Dealing with the team at Probity Web Marketing is easy. They are honest. They do what they say they will and they get great results. What more could you want?

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