How do I get a Domain Name and set up an Email Account?

A Domain Name is the starting point of a web marketing plan/website design. It is essentially the address of your website and also allows you to create branded email accounts.

For this reason, Probity Web Marketing is a reseller for Netregistry (formerly TPP Internet). This means that we can offer Domain Registrations (or Renewals) at $33 for a 2 year licence. So even if you have a Domain with another Reseller, we can easily transfer it over to our system for Renewal (don't get caught paying more, they are all the same).

Please note: Probity Web Marketing is a full solution internet marketing company. As such, we only offer domain registration as part of our web marketing plans. We don't just offer domain registration to anyone as we are unable to provide appropriate support. We apologise for any inconvenience.

If you only want a domain name and are happy to do it all yourself, why not go direct to Netregistry.

How do I set up my own email address and what is the cost?

The first step is to have your own domain name. If you don't already have one you will need to register for one. But be careful as there are many different companies out there and some can charge you hundreds of dollars for exactly the same thing that others will charge $24 for. At Probity Web Marketing, we charge $33 for a 2 year licence.

Now you have a domain, you will need to sign up to an email platform that will manage your email accounts etc. Some examples of these are Crazy Domains, TPP Internet etc. NB: Most website hosting should have emails included, so make sure you check that out first.

Probity Web Marketing uses and recommends Google Gsuite for all small business emails. This will cost you $50/user/year, but the benefits go way beyond that. Find out more about Google Workspace.

So if you currently use a Bigpond, Yahoo, Optusnet, Gmail or similar email address - STOP promoting their business and start promoting your own.

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