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Is Social Media A Fad, Or Should You Get On Board?

I came across this amazing video on Youtube with interesting Stats on Social Media. It reinforces my opinion that any Business that is serious about growing into the future should focus on their online presence. The Internet (and Social Media) is here to stay, so don't get left behind. If ......

3 min. read

The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People

I’ve just started reading Stephen Coveys “8th Habit” book and must say that I am inspired. If you haven’t read (or listened) to any of Covey’s stuff then I would definitely recommend it. It’s probably the most powerful stuff I have come across (up there with Napoleon Hill). In fact, his “7 H......

5 min. read

Check Out Our New Web Solutions!!

Previously at Probity Web & Print, we have focused solely on our Online Business Websites (using the GoodBarry Platform) as I believed that you'd be mad to want anything else. However, we have still from time to time, met people who really just want a simple 5 page Brochure site with a Cont......

4 min. read

Where Does Your Website Fit Into Your Overall Marketing Strategy?

Your website isn't your be all and end all of Marketing. As much as I stress the growing importance of the Internet in your Marketing Strategies, it is still only a part of it. This month I wanted to discuss where your website fits in and what are the advantages. Lead Generation This is g......

3 min. read

What Is The Relationship Between Advertising In Newspapers And Online?

I recently came across an interesting Research report that was conducted in October 2007. It was commissioned by Google and they wanted to see what the relationship was between Newspaper Advertising and Internet searches. What they found was that 44% of respondents stated that they head perform......

1 min. read

Can You Help A Great Cause?

Why not book into the 2009 "Camp Quality - Supper Club"? The Chandon Supper Club has become one of Camp Quality’s most successful and exclusive fundraising events and is one of the hottest tickets on the social calendar. The Chandon Supper Club is a unique fundraising experience marrying ......

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What Are The Requirements Of A Champion Team?

This is an oldie but a goodie. If you've been receiving my Newsletters for a while, you would have received this before. But I thought, given the previous article, it was worth repeating. Afterall, if you downloaded the previous article, you would have read that one of the keys to the Cashflow ......

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What Is Twitter And How Can It Help My Business?

Twitter is the latest thing in the Online Social Media Networking field. In the Neilson’s Media Service in October 2008, Twitter was the fastest growing Social Media Application and grew a staggering 343%. It was also heavily used by Barack Obama in his Election Campaign. But what is Twitter......

2 min. read

The Addiction Of Facebook

I recently joined Facebook, purely as a Business Marketing exercise. With Social Media becoming such an important part of an Internet Marketing Strategy, I thought I should start to seriously look into it. Afterall, I can't sell Online Business Websites and promote the use of the Internet to grow......

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