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Is Facebook Worth It For Small Business?

For many years now we have been hearing about how big Facebook is and that as a Small Business Owner you should be on it. If you listen to Social Media Marketing people, they will tell you that it is a powerful marketing tool that will lead to countless leads. But is it really worth it? ......

4 min. read

Is Google Penalising Your Mobile Site?

Google is currently emailing Webmasters of websites that have failed their mobile friendly test. In their email they warn your website pages "will not be seen as mobile-friendly by Google Search, and will therefore be displayed and ranked appropriately for smartphone users". Google......

1 min. read

Website Optimisation With Heatmaps

Web Marketing is more than just setting up a few Adwords or posting a few posts to Facebook etc. To do it properly you need to not only look at how to increase traffic to your website, but what happens when someone gets to your website. There is no point in working hard (not to mention spend mo......

3 min. read

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Mobile friendly websites are a bit like standard websites were in the early 2000's. That is, many small business owners have heard about mobile friendly websites but still aren't convinced that it is important; "Is it just a fad that will go away if I ignore it long enough?" Well I'm here to......

3 min. read

What Is Google Apps?

If you've got a Smartphone (iPhone or Android etc), then I'm sure you've heard the word "apps". Afterall, what makes these phones so useful is the ability to download apps to do things that you want or need to do. Let's start with "what exactly is an app?" An app is short for Application.......

4 min. read

Look Out Coolum, Probity Is Here!!!

Well we've finally finished our move to Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast and are raring to go. As we mentioned in the previous post, we have been in a holding pattern for the last year and a half, but are now 100% focussed on growing our clients' and our businesses. Whilst we may have been in......

1 min. read

How Does Small Business In Australia Use The Internet?

I noticed when I got back to blogging, that my last blog post was about the Sensis eBusiness Report 2009, so I thought it would be a good idea to get the latest report and see what’s changed. This report was compiled by Sensis in September 2010 and involved telephone surveys to 1800 Australian ......

6 min. read

Ignorance Versus Indifference

I heard a great joke the other day, that i just had to share with you: "What's the difference between Ignorance and Indifference" "I don't know and I don't care!!!!!" I would argue that this could sum up some Small Business Owners when it comes to the Internet. ...

1 min. read

Small Business Technology And The Internet

Sensis undertakes a quarterly Questionnaire on business confidence for Small Business, called the Business Index. The June 2009 questionnaire focussed on how Small Business was utilising technology and the Internet. It had some very interesting results that I thought I would share with you. ......

3 min. read

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