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Social Media Platforms In Australia

What are the biggest Social Media Platforms in Australia? Do you only really need to worry about Facebook? What about Instagram; I hear more and more about it? Let's look at the stats for the different platforms in Australia. Hootsuite is a Social Media Management platform. Recen......

2 min. read

Best Digital Marketing Strategies

I recently came across a survey completed by Moz and Fractl on the effectiveness of Outbound vs Inbound Marketing Strategies. Whilst it was interesting reading about the effectiveness of each and more specifically how many people each strategy could reach with a $10k budget (Answer: Facebook Ad......

3 min. read

Google Panda Is Back Out Of The Cage

Google Panda is the name given to the algorithm tweaks aimed at weeding out websites with poor content. These tweaks have come out at different intervals over the last few years and the latest (version 4.2) has been announced. According to Gary Illyes (a Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google)......

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Looking For Sunshine Coast Business For Seo

All but one of our current SEO clients are based in Brisbane. Being based on the Sunshine Coast, we feel that we need to rectify this by working with a few local businesses with their SEO. So if you are a Sunshine Coast business with (or without) a website that isn't doing much for your busines......

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Seo Black Hat Vs White Hat

If you've done any research on search engine optimisation then you've most likely come across the terms Black hat and White hat SEO. But what is meant by these terms? Have you ever watched early Western Movies? In these movies they always showed the good guy wearing a white hat (think......

5 min. read

Why Have Your Website Rankings Suddenly Disappeared?

Have you noticed that your once successful website has suddenly taken a dive? Has it suddenly stopped generating the webforms and calls it once did? Or maybe you noticed that all those keywords you once ranked for are a distant memory? If so, I can assure you that you are not alone. There are p......

6 min. read

Should You Hire An Seo Company For Link Building?

There are plenty of SEO Companies out there offering to look after your search engine optimisation through link building. They'll tell you that off-site optimisation is the best way to go and will give you the best results. But is this still the best way to do it? Link Build......

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Digital Marketing Why Doesn't Small Business Get It?

I continually struggle to understand why so many small business owners just don't get Digital Marketing . Why can't they see the benefit of a great website and more importantly a great digital marketing strategy? Why when they use Google to find products or services for themselves, do th......

6 min. read

Get Your Website Mobile Friendly By April 21

Reading back through my last few blog posts, it seems that I am on a mission to get your website mobile friendly. However, there is a good reason for this. Google has just announced that on April 21st they will be changing their search algorithm to put more emphasis on mobile-friendliness ......

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