Adwords Management

Confused about Adwords?

Adwords are a great way to get your website found quickly when someone searches for your products or services with Google. Unlike organic search (or Search Engine Optimisation), it won't take months for you to slowly improve your rankings so your website will be found. Once you set up your Adwords, they will show on searches immediately. However, if you don't know what you're doing, you can easily spend a lot of money with very little to show for it. That's where an Adwords Management business comes in.

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What is Adwords?

Adwords are Google's version of Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising. The majority of Australians use Google when searching, so this means that Adwords are the most important PPC Advertising around. Find out more about Pay Per Click.

Why do I need Adwords Management?

Adwords are pretty straight forward and easy to set up, so why do you need to pay someone to manage them for you? The answer is like most things: it's easy to do something okay, but a lot harder to be really good at it. The problem with Adwords is, if you're not very good at it they can become quite a money pit.

Two of the biggest mistakes beginners make are:

  • Targeting the wrong keywords so they are paying for clicks but not converting them. In most cases they aren't even aware that they are targeting these keywords (Broad Match?).
  • Structuring their Ad Groups and writing their Ads incorrectly so they have a poor Quality Score. This results in higher Maximum Bids being required to rank near the top.

As we mentioned above, there are many stories from Small Business Owners who have tried Adwords and found they spent all this money and had very little to show for it. In most cases, these 2 mistakes are the main culprit.

Our Certified Adwords Management team are continually looking for ways to improve your Adwords Campaigns. This may be split testing of Ads, restructuring Ad Groups or tweaking the landing pages. Like all things to do with the web, if you don't have continual improvement, you are actually going backwards as Google changes and competitors make changes etc.

Web Marketing Plans with Adwords Management

Our Web Marketing Plans cover whatever your business needs to get the most out of the Internet. This includes Adwords Management. We believe that different digital marketing strategies complement each other, so to work on one in total isolation means you aren't getting the most out of the web. In the case of Adwords Management, you should also be looking at improving your website functionality, user experience and most importantly, conversion rate. Not to mention, research shows that if you have an Adword as well as an organic listing of your website showing on the same SERP, then you will get more clicks on your organic listing.

So contact us to discuss what is possible with your overall digital marketing strategy.

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