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Probity Web Marketing are small business digital marketing specialists, including search engine marketing. We believe that your SEM strategy should be part of your overall online marketing strategy and there are definite benefits in this being the case. For instance, research shows that by having an Adword you can generate more clicks on your organic search result. Not to mention, having a website that has been optimised for conversions can only help improve your Adwords ROI.

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What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing (or SEM as it is shortened to) is essentially advertising on Search Engines such as Google and Bing. The most recognisable form of SEM is Google Adwords. This is where you pay to have your website listing show in either the top 3 or the right column of the search page (SERP - Search Engine Results Page). Generally you are charged everytime someone clicks on your listing to go through to your website.

Adwords - Red Boxes

The main advantage of SEM is that you have control over when it runs and how much it will cost. So if you've got a lot of work on at the moment, you can pause the advertising until things quieten down.

So is SEM just Adwords?

NO, Adwords is just part of search engine marketing. Another form of SEM is Display Advertising. This is where you pay to have adverts for your website showing on a wide range of websites. Search Engines such as Google pay website owners to show ads on their websites. These website owners are paid everytime someone clicks on these ads and you guessed it, as the advertiser you are charged by Google to cover this cost and some.

So while Adwords are targeted at people who are actively searching for something (eg. Plumber Brisbane), display advertising is targetted at people who are browsing websites. You can choose what sort of sites your ads will show, so you can use it to prompt a visit or build your brand.

What about Retargeting and Remarketing?

This is another form of Search Engine Marketing. In a nutshell, this is where you can target your display ads to people who have already visited your website. When someone visits a specific page on your website they will download a cookie to their computer. This cookie will then trigger your display ads a certain number of times over a specified period. I'm sure you've seen this when you've visited a website and then suddenly start seeing ads for it everywhere you go on the internet. Done properly, this is a very powerful way to keep your product or service in front of someone while they work through a purchase decision. However, done poorly, you can just look like a cyber stalker!

As for the 2 names: Retargeting is what it is called generally and Remarketing is what Google calls it.

Display Advertising - Remarketing

Remember, SEM is not enough!

Too many businesses get suckered into a search engine marketing program and believe this is all they need to do. However, like traditional advertising, you can't just spend money on a newspaper ad and think that all your sales problems will be fixed. You should also be looking at how you can maximise the sales you get from any enquiries generated by that ad. Furthermore, you would also be looking at advertising in a few other mediums.

Digital Marketing is no different. You should not only be looking to advertise in more than one area, but should also be looking at how you can maximise your sales from any enquiries these online ads generate. This is where search engine optimisation, social media marketing and website optimisation comes in.