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Looking for Web Design for your Small Business?

If you are serious about growing your small business you need a strong web presence with a good digital marketing strategy. The starting point for this is a professional website that not only looks great, but is secure, scaleable, mobile friendly, easy to update, search engine friendly and hosted on fast, reliable servers. There are other things we could include, but you get the idea. That's why we build all our websites on Adobe Business Catalyst; as we feel this answers most of those points before we even start the design process. We then offer a website design using existing website templates that have been designed specifically for Business Catalyst.

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Is a Website Design all you need?

A Website is the same as a Brochure. It doesn't matter how great it looks if no-one sees it.

There is no point in having a great looking brochure if you only display it in your business so only people who already know you see it. You need to get your brochure out there so new people see it. Well a website is exactly the same. There is no point in having a great looking website if all you do is publish it on the internet and then expect people to somehow find it. The reality is, the only people who will find it is those that already know you and know your website address.

So how do you get new people to see your website?

There are essentially 2 ways to get people to see your website:

  • Attract visitors to your website - this is achieved through Search Engine Optimisation where you increase the chances of people finding your site when they do a search.
  • Send visitors to your website - this is achieved through strategies such as Search Engine Marketing (Adwords), Social Media Marketing, Referrals (Online Directories, other website referrals etc) and offline advertising campaigns promoting your website (Radio, TV Ads, Brochures, Signage etc).

Why use us for your Website Design?

  • We start by fully understanding your business needs and issues.
  • We help you decide what your goals will be and what information you need to display.
  • We discuss the various functionalities that can assist in delivering this and help you decide on which ones you want.
  • We build your website using the Adobe Business Catalyst content management system. We have been using this since 2007 and believe it offers the best "all in one" solution for small business.
  • We communicate in everday language so you fully understand what we are doing.
  • Most importantly, we can provide you a website design as part of an overall Web Marketing Plan to get the most out of the internet for your business.

Need to know more about Web Design?

We have tried our best to include as much information as possible on our website, so have a look around. Or better still, why not get in contact with us to discuss your business and its' needs.