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A complete Digital Marketing Strategy

Having a website is only a small part of an overall digital strategy. The internet is full of websites that do absolutely nothing for the business they belong to. There is no point in having a website unless it is either optimised to attract visitors to it, or you have other strategies (think Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn, TrueLocal or offline advertising like radio etc) to drive visitors to it. Better still, why not do a combination of them? Our Web Marketing Plans cover all aspects of a complete Digital Marketing Strategy.

Unlike a lot of other Digital Marketing Companies, we don't focus all of our attention on Keyword Ranking and offer plans that specify exactly what we will do each month. We believe that as a Business Owner, your top priority for your website is how many leads it generates (ie: webforms, calls or sales). For this reason, each month we do whatever we feel will improve the number of leads your website generates, including new web pages, blog posts, social media posts, online directory submissions and more. So below we have listed some of the main tasks we will work on at different stages throughout your plan.

Plan Set Up:

  • Clear Conversion Goals (eg. Webforms, Sales etc) decided on and set up for tracking in Google Analytics
  • New Responsive Website Design*
  • Website audited and major errors fixed
  • Main Social and Online Profiles set up
  • Submit to main Online Directories
All our Web Marketing Plans include a responsive website* at the start of the plan to ensure you have a website built with best practices and suitable for website optimisation. Select from our range of Business Website Designs.

Monthly Tasks:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    • Website Reviewed through Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and various other Platforms to identify underperforming:
      • Keywords Phrases
        • Poor Ranking
        • Poor Click Thru Rates
      • Landing Pages
        • High Bounce Rates
        • Low Goal Conversion
    • Keyword Research for new opportunities and poor performing Landing Pages
    • Content Reviewed/Written considering:
      • Keywords
      • Meta Data
      • Links
      • Alt Tags
    • Link Building (if needed)
  • Website Optimisation using Heat Mapping, Split Testing etc
    • Conversion Rate Optimisation
    • User Experience (UX) Design
  • Website Audited and identified errors fixed
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Adwords Management (if needed)
  • Social Media Marketing (if needed)
  • Website Management on your behalf
    • Latest News and Announcements
    • Product Updating
    • Newsleters etc

    Plan Details:

    All Plans cover the above tasks. The only difference is on how much time is devoted to completing these tasks on a monthly basis. So the higher the plan, the more time is spent on your website and therefore the faster (and generally bigger) the results. So to minimise the confusion, it simply comes down to your budget and how fast you want your website optimised.

    Lastly, it is important that your website is continually reviewed, tweaked and new content added. Google considers how recent your content is when deciding where to rank you, so if your site has content that is old, then you will be placed lower down. For this reason, our Bronze plan is designed more to help you keep your website (and other online platforms) ticking along.

    We believe that it is up to us to prove our worth to you. Therefore we only ask you to commit to 3 months at the start of the plan to give us time to make an impact and then you can finish at any time. It is up to us to give you the results that make you want to continue.


    Bronze (Maintenance) Plan (approx 8 hours/month) - $825 inc GST

    Silver (Intermediate) Plan (approx 16.5 hours/month) - $1650 inc GST

    Gold (Fast Results) Plan (approx 22 hours/month) - $2200 inc GST

    So if you have a website that doesn't seem to do anything for your business, contact us to discuss what is possible.

    * The free Responsive Website Design must be chosen from one of our templates and includes copying over your existing web pages. If your website has an above average amount of web pages and products etc, we reserve the right to include the time taken to copy this over into your plan hourly quota (this will be discussed with you if required).

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