Web Marketing for Small Business

Web Marketing for Small Business

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Previously at Probity Web & Print, we have focused solely on our Online Business Websites (using the GoodBarry Platform) as I believed that you'd be mad to want anything else. However, we have still from time to time, met people who really just want a simple 5 page Brochure site with a Contact Us Form. In these cases, we have referred them onto other Web Businesses that do these Brochure Sites. With Dan becoming a Partner, we have reviewed our current offerings and have added the following solutions:

Online Brochure Site

This is simply a Brochure Site with 5 Pages and a Contact Us Webform. It is a cheap way to get your business a Web Presence with low ongoing costs (hosting is only $10/month). We are offering these sites for only $550 including GST, but have a special introductory offer of only $440 inc GST for the month of May only.

Build your Own "GoodBarry Powered" Online Business Solution

This is the platform that we used on all of our previous sites. It is incredibly powerful and allows you to have pretty much any functionality a Small Business would want on the Internet. This includes Email Marketing, Online Shops, Secure Zones, Online Database, Easy Build Webforms, Blogs, Forums and much more. You can now build your own GoodBarry site by choosing from our Templated options. Unlike our usual Custom Designed sites, these are templated sites and you are responsible for building them. The good news is that you can sign up for a FREE 30 day trial to check it out and then when you want to go live, simply pay us $120 inc GST. For this, we will help you redelegate your Domain to your new site, submit your site to Google etc and set up your Email Accounts and auto responder addresses. To get started go to our Online Business Builder.

Domain and Email Solution

Our Reseller Agreement with TPP Internet means that we can now offer Domain Registrations (or Renewals) at $30 for a 2 year licence. If you have a Domain already with another Reseller, we can easily transfer it over to our system for Renewal (don't get caught paying more, they are all the same). We can then combine this Domain with an Email Hosting Package for a further $30. This includes 5 Email Accounts, 2 GB Disk Space, 10 GB Data Transfer, Webmail, Anti-Spam and more. That means for only $60 inc GST you can have your own email accounts. So if you currently use a Bigpond, Yahoo, Optusnet or similar email address - STOP promoting their business and start promoting your own.

FREE Website Support

We have always prided ourselves on our ongoing support to our Clients. In fact, many of our Clients have come across from other Web Businesses, because they were frustrated with no support (or if it was available, it was charged at exhorbitant prices). Our clients can simply contact us and we'll help them make changes at usually no charge. However, we have decided to formalise this a bit so that it is fair for all parties and so that we can promote it to our Clients who aren't taking advantage of it. So from now on, we will provide up to 1 hour of FREE support a month as part of your monthly hosting. This may be simply talking you through how to do something, or even doing it ourselves. To access this simply email support@probity-web-print.com.au and we guarantee to get back to you with a response within 3 Business Hours.

Additional Website Maintenance

What we have found is that our Clients that work their websites do well and those that just leave them do no better then a Brochure Site. So if you are going to take advantage of our GoodBarry websites, then you need to work it. For those clients that either don't have the time, or struggle with technology, we now offer a Maintenance Solution. We have modelled this on Bookkeepers, so you simply pay us for any time that we spend maintaining your website. This could include updating your content, changing your designs, adding new Products, setting up your Email Newsletter Campaigns, Optimising your site, updating your Blog or managing your Social Media Integration to name a few. We will simply discuss with you at the start of each month what needs to be done and expected hours and then charge you at $55/hour for general maintenance and $88/hour for Graphic Design changes. We truly believe that you will recoup these costs through the increased effectiveness of your website.

So if you've been thinking about improving your Internet Marketing, give us a call and we will help you get the option that suits you best.


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