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If you are a small business that is serious about growing, then we truly believe that you should be using search engine optimisation on your website. Better still, we have the results to show you what you could be missing out on. So don't get confused by all the jargon SEO companies love to confuse you with, let us explain exactly why you should consider it.

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What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation is essentially optimising your website so that it ranks well in search engines (eg. Google or Bing). In other words, when someone does a search for your products or services on Google, SEO will ensure that your website listing will be at the top (or as close as possible). Having your website ranking high will mean that you will get more visitors (traffic) to your website and therefore should get more leads and sales.

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But SEO isn't just about website ranking

Many SEO companies will promise you "No. 1 in Google", or "Top 3 in Google" etc, but don't get sucked in. It isn't just a matter of your website ranking high, but several other key points:

What keywords does your website rank for?

One of my favourite dodgy SEO practices of all time would be companies who promise to get your business ranking at number 1, but when you read the fine print you realise they mean your "Business Name". The problem here is that unless the majority of people search for you by your business name, then this is worthless. In other words, you don't want to rank for "Bills' Plumbing" but rather "Plumber Brisbane". Funnily enough, the business name is a lot easier to rank for.

Good Search Engine Optimisation always starts with thorough keyword research.

What does your website listing say on the search results page?

When you do a search for something, you will usually be shown 10 different results on the first page. Other than being first, how can you stand out over the others so more people are likely to click your listing? The answer is in what your listing says.

How many times have you searched for something and found listings with the title "Home" or "Welcome to our Website" etc? Do these make you want to click on them if you were searching for "Plumber Brisbane"?

So SEO should also include influencing what you want Google (or Bing) to show when listing your website.

What exactly does Search Engine Optimisation involve?

SEO can be broken down into 2 main strategies: Onsite and Offsite Optimisation. This is just a fancy way of saying that you can either work on your website content and structure (Onsite) or look at ways to improve your rankings without doing anything on your site (Offsite). Ths most common Offsite Optimisation strategy is Link Building.

We'll go into more detail on these 2 main search engine optimisation strategies elsewhere on the website.

SO is SEO all you need?

In a word NO. Search Engine Optimisation should be one part of your overall Web Marketing Strategy. You should also be working on your website optimisation to ensure that you convert as much of the traffic (visitors) that comes to your site. You can also consider Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing and anything else that might increase your online leads and sales.

Customer Reviews

Probity Web Marketing is your best choice for small business digital marketing companies. But don't just take our word for it, see what some of our customers think.

  • 5 5
    23 Jun 2014

    In 2009 we were looking to develop a website for our business, Haddon Kitchens and Cabinets. Not quite knowing where to start, we received a very positive referral from one of our suppliers about a company called Probity Web Marketing. After the initial meeting with Jarrod we felt comfortable with the idea of what the website could do for our business. Numerous discussions followed with lots of input from both sides and before long our new website was up and running.

    We quickly realised that websites need frequent monitoring to keep the content fresh and active, so we now have Probity Web Marketing working on our website on a regular basis. The results are very pleasing with the traffic to our website increasing but more importantly we are getting more conversions to our ‘Get a Quote’ forms.

    We’re very happy with what is being done for us and have found Jarrod to be extremely good with ideas and advice, as well as being approachable and always trustworthy with our information.

    Well done Probity Web Marketing.

    Web Marketing Services Used:
    Search Engine Optimisation,Website Optimisation,Social Media Management,Website Management,Website Design
  • 5 5
    15 Dec 2017
    I have been using the team at Probity Web Marketing for a few years now. For the first time ever we have seen page 1 results on Google, what is more impressive is that the industry I am in is one of the most competitive in the country. (Sydney Plumbers) Thanks Jarrod, I would definitely recommend the results don't lie.
    Web Marketing Services Used:
    Search Engine Optimisation,Website Optimisation,Search Engine Marketing,Social Media Management,Website Management,Website Design
  • 5 5
    20 Jun 2014

    Fallon Services has had a website for many years now that seemed to just tick over. With the growth of the Internet and the increasing cost of Yellow Pages and other marketing channels, a decision was made to start focussing on increasing our lead generation with the website. Our first attempt at this was with an Adwords company. This successfully drove traffic to our website, but we weren't happy with the conversion of this traffic to sales. When this was discussed with our Adwords Company, they blamed our old, tired website. At about this time, Jarrod at Probity Web marketing was referred to me.

    At our first meeting, I was confident that Jarrod knew what he was talking about, so got him started on building us a new website. This had an immediate effect to the number of webforms completed on our site. He then started an Optimisation Program that we have been continuing with for over 12 months now. This has had great results and we are getting more and more leads from our website. In fact, it is now our number one source of leads (after repeat business) and at a lower cost of acquisition to the others.

    I find Jarrod not only knowledgeable, but also extremely helpful. During this time, he has not only optimised our site, but has also made any changes to the site that we have requested. I have no hesitation recommending him to other businesses that are serious about growing their Internet Marketing.

    Web Marketing Services Used:
    Search Engine Optimisation,Website Optimisation,Social Media Management,Website Management,Website Design
  • 5 5
    06 Feb 2018
    Dealing with the team at Probity Web Marketing is easy. They are honest. They do what they say they will and they get great results. What more could you want?
    Web Marketing Services Used:
    Search Engine Optimisation,Website Optimisation,Search Engine Marketing,Social Media Management,Website Management,Website Design

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