Pugin Power first came to us in April 2016 when they decided they needed to get their website working for their business. They had been running their own Adwords campaigns, but not really getting the results they wanted. They found us through looking at other websites that were ranking well.

Initially our focus with Pugin Power was in optimising their Adwords campaigns and developing them to cover more areas. When we had time outside of this we worked at improving their organic search rankings and website conversions.

Client Profile:

Pugin Power is a Gold Coast based Electrician, who also offers air conditioning and solar solutions. Recently they have also expanded into Plumbing.

Initial Client Issues:

  • Their Adwords campaigns were costing too much and not generating the leads they wanted
  • Their website was virtually non-existent on the Google index, so they were getting very limited organic search traffic and enquiries

Initial Client Needs:

  • Optimised Adwords campaigns that generated more leads at a lower cost per acquisition
  • Website Optimisation Plan to improve Natural Search traffic and conversion
  • A Web Marketing Company that knew what they were doing, could be trusted and made the process hassle free

Our Solution:

We started Pugin Power on our Bronze Web Marketing Plan. This included:

  • Optimising and developing Adwords campaigns
  • Designing and building a professional looking website using the Adobe Business Catalyst platform
  • Identified what keywords they needed to rank for and optimised the site for these
  • Tweaked the website design to maximise conversions
  • Regular Website Audits to identify areas for improvement and opportunities
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