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Bronze Plan


August 2011 to ongoing


The Health & Healing Wellness Centre is based in Wooloowin, Brisbane. They offer most Natural Therapies including Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Traditional Chinese Medicine and more. They also offer a range of Beauty and Relaxation Therapies such as Endermologie and Remedial Massage.


  • They felt that their website needed an update and also wanted to restructure it to provide more information on conditions and the specific therapies they offer that help.
  • The website had generated a few leads, but they felt that it could do so much more.
  • They were spending a lot of money with yellow Pages etc and felt that they weren’t getting value for money.


  • A professional looking website that they could easily update conditions, therapies, modalities and tests – linking them all together. Must be easily optimised to increase Natural Search.
  • Wanted to set up an online store for future sales of many of their Herbs and Supplements.
  • Wanted to start sending out electronic emails to their large client database, as well as allowing prospects to sign up.
  • Clear “Call to Action” boxes/buttons to maximise conversion of traffic (paid and unpaid)
  • Website Optimisation Plan to improve Natural Search traffic and conversion


  • Designed and built a professional looking website using the Adobe Business Catalyst platform. This is a dynamic platform that allows the client to easily update their own website.
  • Set up the eCommerce/Online Store module with a manual payment gateway that allowed them to easily start adding products.
  • Included the eMarketing Module for Newsletters. Uploaded their current Database and set up a “Sign Up”, which automatically gave the Prospect access to a discount voucher after opting into Newsletter.
  • Ensured that the design included clear “Call to Action” boxes and buttons. Call to Action boxes added to all key landing pages.
  • Started client on the Gold Web Marketing Plan. This included all tasks in the web marketing plan, including adwords management.
  • Set up a Facebook page and started to promote.

Results (as at January 2015 – 3+ year period)

Initially this was a difficult project for us. As there hadn’t been any optimisation previously on this site, there was plenty of content that was ranking well for poor keywords. We made the decision to restructure slightly knowing that there would be an initial drop, but better long term prospects. Furthermore, as we re-wrote pages, the ranking (and therefore traffic) dropped for high traffic, low value keywords. However, this was offset by the better targeted traffic that converted into more leads for us.

  • Website completed and operating as planned.
  • Visitor Traffic up from around 1300/month to 4000-5500/month. This is an increase of at least of 208%.
  • Goal Conversion^ up from around 5/month to 50-60/month. This is an increase of at least 900%.

^ Goal Conversions are Web Form Completions

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