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Website Design
Website, Photo Galleries

Website Optimisation/Management
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Website Design
June 2008

Website Optimisation/Management
March 2011 to ongoing


Gold Coast Barges is a working barge with Bobcat and Excavator, located on the Gold Coast. They are the primary contractor to the Gold Coast City Council for Rockwork throughout the extensive Canal system.

Aside from this, they also provide the following services:

  • Jetty construction, repairs or dismantling
  • Revetment Walls
  • Dredging
  • Vehicle and Equipment delivery to Canal Backyards and the Islands
  • General waterways support

Gold Coast Barges had their website designed by us originally on their own Hosting Platform. However, they have recently realised that unless the website is actively worked on, then the results are average. For this reason, they got us to transfer it over to the Adobe Business Catalyst platform to make changes easier to make and asked us to start optimising it to improve their lead generation.


  • Had a basic template website that they had built using the Website Builder of the Host Company they were using. Felt it looked unprofessional.
  • Once they had a new professional design, they became frustrated with not being able to easily make changes. Particularly when they wanted to upload quite a few photos showing their different work.
  • Not happy with the amount of traffic and more importantly leads coming from their website.


  • A Professional looking website that can be used to support their offline marketing and Tender Applications.
  • An easy and great looking Photo Gallery module to allow them to show some of the work they can do.
  • Improve the number of leads generated through the website.


  • Initially designed a professional looking website and uploaded it to their existing Host Account. 
  • When frustrated with effort to make changes, we transferred the existing design over to the Adobe Business Catalyst platform. Created and uploaded all their images into Photo Galleries.
  • Started the client on the "Fast Results" Website Optimization & Management Plan, including:
    • all tasks as listed in the Plan
    • Uploading new images and content as per client request.

Results (as per March 2011):

  • Website completed and all photos uploaded and added to relevant pages.
  • Google Analytics added to site and an Optimisation Strategy Plan formulated. As we have only just started, we have no results as yet to share (stay tuned).


We used Probity Web Marketing first when they were just a Print and Design Business. We had them design our Logo and Business Cards. Then when I realised how unprofessional my templated website, we got them to redesign it to look more professional.

At the time, they were more than happy to use my existing host company, but explained to me that I would be better off with a proper Content Management Website, so I could keep it updated and help with Google etc. However, I did what most small business owners do and stuck with the cheapest option. This has since turned out (like so many of these decisions), to be a false economy.

So recently I got Probity Web Marketing to set up my site on their website system and to start optimising it. So far I am extremely happy with the service they have given me and fully expect to be as happy with the optimising when they get into it."

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