About Probity Web Marketing

How did Probity Web Marketing come about?

After an early career in Hospitality Management, Jarrod Sweetman started a business as an Icon Business Advisor, helping Small Business plan for growth. During this time he realised that most of his clients needed effective websites but couldn’t find anyone that he could recommend with a good solution at a reasonable price. Then when he came across “Adobe Business Catalyst”, a website management system that provided all that was missing, he decided it was time to start a second business in Website Design. So in 2007, Probity Partners (T/A Probity Web & Print) was started. 

After 3 years of running Probity Web & Print, Jarrod realised that just having a website was not enough – you needed to market it. Once again he found himself struggling to find a business that he was comfortable referring to his clients. The companies he approached used complex, technical jargon and offered expensive plans that were impossible to understand. So he began researching himself and spending more and more time helping his clients optimise their Web Marketing strategies. After considerable success with several clients, he decided it was time that Probity Web & Print evolved into Probity Web Marketing and he started offering a complete solution.

Our Mission

Probity Web Marketing provides all services a Small Business will need to optimise their use of the Web and have a complete Web Marketing Strategy. 

We seek first to understand the Client business and then focus on generating Sales & Leads and integrating their business with the web in the most cost effective way.

How are we different from other online marketing companies?

We understand that most of our clients are confused by SEO jargon and only really care about what the return will be on their investment.

  • You get a dedicated Project Manager who will seek to fully understand your Business before deciding on your Web Marketing Goals and developing the best strategy for you.
  • We don’t just focus on Ranking! Our strategy will focus on 4 key areas of Web Marketing 
    1. How is your Website Found?
    2. What is the Click thru Rate?
    3. What is the Bounce Rate? 
    4. What is your Goal Success (Sales or Leads)?
  • We will measure the success of this strategy through Goal Conversion (Sales & Leads) - not on Search Engine Ranking, the number of Visitors or how good a website looks.
  • We will keep you updated with our results and what our next steps are – in plain English with the minimum of useless Tech Speak that you aren't interested in.
  • We will also look for solutions on the web that we feel will improve the overall running of your business and help to integrate these into your existing processes.