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July 2009 to ongoing


Game Clothing is a manufacturer of Sports Uniforms. They cover all sports from Netball to Softball. Their operation is based in Brisbane where they do everything from Sublimation, Cutting, Sewing, Embroidering and Packaging.

In the last 5 years, they have grown from a small operation working under a house and making Netball Dresses, to large manufacturer providing uniforms to all sports and associations throughout Australia and New Zealand.


  • Client hired a Marketing Consultant in to review their overall Marketing Plan and Brand Image. This included a high quality Brochure and they wanted to update their website to include this style.
  • Needed a way to display their range of Uniform designs so Prospects could see what was possible and choose from them.


  • A professional looking website based on their overall brand image that they could update if they wanted. Must be easily optimised to increase Natural Search.
  • The ability to display their Uniform Range and Designs. This had to also allow Prospects to easily “get a quote” once they had decided on a style/design.
  • To start sending out electronic emails to their large client database.
  • To expand their Market Reach beyond Queensland.
  • To increase the conversion rate of their site. Wanted to develop the website as a Marketing Channel.


  • Designed and built a professional looking website using the Adobe Business Catalyst platform. This is a dynamic platform that allows the client to easily update their own website. 
  • Included the eCommerce module, which set up as “Quote Only”. This allowed them to display their range of Uniforms and Designs and for the Prospect to simply select and fill in a form to get a quote.
  • Included the eMarketing Module for Newsletters and uploaded their current Database.
  • Started client on the "Gold" web marketing plan. This included:
    • All tasks in the Web Marketing Plan.
    • Managing Products and other Client content requirements. 

Results (as at Jan 2015 – 5 1/2 year period):

  • Website completed and operating as planned.
  • Visitor Traffic up from 300/month to between 13 000-20 000/month (seasonal due to sports). This is an increase of at least 4200%.
  • Goal Conversion^ up from around 20/month to between 190-500/month (dependant on sports season). This is an increase of at least 850%. 

 ^ Goal Conversions are Web Form Completions and “Get a Quote” orders

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“I have known Jarrod for quite a few years and even used him in his previous guise as a Business Coach. I have always found him very knowledgeable and more importantly honest, trustworthy and with our best interests at heart.

So when he started up Probity Web Marketing, it was an easy decision to get him to help us with our Web Marketing Strategy. From a starting point of having no website, we now have a website that provides us with leads from all around the world every day. Whereas previously we had to go out and chase leads, now they come to us. It has enabled us to grow our business from supplying Queensland Clubs & Associations to supplying Australia Wide and even Jamaica, Wales and New Zealand.

Over the last year we have been working on developing our various Designs and will start using Probity Web Marketing once again to update and optimise our website. From past experience, I’m ready to handle the increase of business.”

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